Do you need to Exercise?


In the beginning of a cleanse, the body doesn’t always feel it’s very best.  Usually, after the body gets used to functioning with less sugar, exercise is welcomed.  I recommend doing a workout program that doesn’t provide a lot of stress.


Yoga is one of the best exercise routines available.  It firms the body and calms the mind.  It goes very well with a detox program.


Meditation can help you stay on track and and provide calming benefits.  Try to find a time each day to reflect on your progress and enjoy de stressing.


We are always walking.  During a cleanse it is good to go for a walk especially out doors in a beautiful environment.  I found that any light exercise was very helpful.


Avoid Environmental Toxins


Food isn’t the only toxin that can hurt our bodies.  The environment that we live in plays just as an important role is our healthy well being.   Smog can diminish air quality and make it hard to breath especially for those who have lung diseases.  On bad ozone days it is best to stay inside and do not open the windows.  Some people wear masks when they go out.


There has been much research on the effects of smoking and that of second hand smoke.  If you smoke, Stop!  Do not hang around someone who smokes, because you are breathing in just as much smoke into your lungs.


Although, there are laws against spewing harsh smoke into the environment it doesn’t stop some factories.  Coal mines, and oil wells are big offenders.  We breath in toxins from the companies.


Cars also omit toxins in the air.  During rush hour air quality is diminished.  States have passed strict air emission laws, but as long as cars run on petroleum products they will have to expel toxins.


We use harsh chemical cleaners on a daily basis just washing clothes or cleaning our floors.  It is a really good idea to find natural cleaners that are much friendlier to the environment.


Much has been said about climate control and how our world is changing.  It should be our goal to use kind products and try to preserve our environment.  We should all do our part to protect our environment so that we can enjoy it for years to come.

Body Cleanse


Our bodies are exposed to toxins on a daily basis.  A detox diet or cleanse can be very beneficial to feeling better and looking better.


Drink lots of fluids that include natural juices and water.  Under no circumstances drink any of the sugary drinks like cola.  Fluids help hydrate the body and also help you feel less hungry.



Don’t eat processed foods like french fries and hamburgers.  Stay away from all sugar.  Sugar is what we are trying to counteract in the body.


Foods high in fiber are very important.  Fiber helps cleanse the colon and also make the body feel full.


Whole grains are also important in feeding the body.  They help with digestion and provide essential nutrients.

My 21 Day Sugar Detox Review


I started a new diet,, right after Valentines Day.  It was a perfect time to begin because all the sweet holidays were in the past.  It was an excellent opportunity to get healthier, and I emerged from this feeling fabulous. This 21 Day Sugar Detox Review will detail my experience with this program.


I did not feel that well my first semester at the University.  I needed to stop symptoms like headaches and depression, which might be caused by excessive sugar consumption. So I went to the naturopath, and she recommended the 21 Day Sugar Detox.


At first, it was a little bit difficult finding breakfast options I liked. After all, it is an important meal and I usually craved sweet things after waking up in the morning. However, a bit of gluten free toast and almond butter did the trick in satiating my cravings.


After a while, it all got easier. I was starting to feel invigorated as another significant side effect began to occur- weight loss. I didn’t think I could lose so much weight, but the pounds fell off. I was 15 pounds lighter by the end of it. A lot of this weight was probably water bloating from my former sugar consumption. I began to feel fabulous. I started to fit back into the jeans I wore in high school.


My energy was beginning to double. I followed the program carefully and felt fabulous afterward. I went back to university a changed woman. People complimented me because my skin glowed. I also was much less stressed, and so I didn’t experience digestive complaints that I had previously had.


I would recommend the 21 Day Sugar Detox to anyone that needs to get healthy fast. Sugar can cause all kinds of imbalances in the body, especially an overgrowth of fungus. The detox program helps the body take some much needed time to restore good bacteria.

Is Sugar Toxic


More than 1/3 of Americans are considered obese.  Obesity is considered an epidemic.  Obesity can cause many illnesses and could eventually lead to early death.


Fructose is a bad sugar that is considered to have no value and only leads to creating fat molecules.  Unfortunately, corn syrup is added to many food products.  It is important to read ingredient labels on packaging to avoid.


Fructose does not appear to trigger insulin production and seems to raise levels of the hormone grehlin, which keeps us hungry.  We can eat more and more products with sugar but not ever feel satisfied.



Fructose also stressed the liver.  The liver is so busy trying to convert sugar to energy that it doesn’t process other toxins coming into the body.


High blood pressure is another outcome of eating too much sugar.  High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes.  High blood pressure is a silent killer because there aren’t any noticeable signs.



Sugar Sweet Sugar


Sugar is basically a carbohydrate.  It is a sweet food that consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.  Sugar is found in almost every food in some way or another.  There are good and bad sugars, so it is important to be aware of what we are eating.


Sucrose or commonly known as table sugar is what we think of when someone asks what is sugar.  Sugar cane is the most common plant used to make table sugar.  Sucrose is very sweet and is used to flavor many foods.


Glucose can be produced from cornstarch.  Glucose is the bodies preferred source of energy. The body transforms most carbohydrates into glucose.


Fructose comes from honey, beets, and sweet fruits.  It is added to sweet colas, and sugar substances.  It is not the preferred sugar source because it converted in the liver and can cause big problems such as insulin resistance and diabetes.


Galactose is in beets and milk products. The sugars produced are less sweet than other sugars and is considered a good type of sugar.