Avoid Environmental Toxins


Food isn’t the only toxin that can hurt our bodies.  The environment that we live in plays just as an important role is our healthy well being.   Smog can diminish air quality and make it hard to breath especially for those who have lung diseases.  On bad ozone days it is best to stay inside and do not open the windows.  Some people wear masks when they go out.


There has been much research on the effects of smoking and that of second hand smoke.  If you smoke, Stop!  Do not hang around someone who smokes, because you are breathing in just as much smoke into your lungs.


Although, there are laws against spewing harsh smoke into the environment it doesn’t stop some factories.  Coal mines, and oil wells are big offenders.  We breath in toxins from the companies.


Cars also omit toxins in the air.  During rush hour air quality is diminished.  States have passed strict air emission laws, but as long as cars run on petroleum products they will have to expel toxins.


We use harsh chemical cleaners on a daily basis just washing clothes or cleaning our floors.  It is a really good idea to find natural cleaners that are much friendlier to the environment.


Much has been said about climate control and how our world is changing.  It should be our goal to use kind products and try to preserve our environment.  We should all do our part to protect our environment so that we can enjoy it for years to come.


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