Happy Valentines Day


What a day to start a sugar detox.  Everyone knows that Valentines Day is all about chocolate, wine, and candy.  It is a day for sweethearts.  Ok, we will get started tomorrow. What is one more day?


Chocolate seems to be the gift of choice.  Who doesn’t love chocolate, rather it be a chocolate cake or a box of chocolates.


I love a good bottle of wine.  White is my favorite.  Well, I have a couple of glasses tonight because tomorrow will be the first day to start the detox.


Valentines Day doesn’t have to be all about sugar, it is a day to spend with that special person.  There aren’t any calories in spending the evening with that loved one.


OK, a great alternative for chocolate are flowers.  I love just about every flower there is, especially red roses.  Red roses are the symbol of love.


Enjoy the day of love.  We will get this diet going first thing tomorrow or the next day.

First blog post

First blog post

Here we go.  I hope that I can provide some really good information to you as I go thru my weight loss journey.

I am so excited about talking with you and giving you some good ideas about cleansing your body from toxic sugar.