Sugar Sweet Sugar


Sugar is basically a carbohydrate.  It is a sweet food that consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.  Sugar is found in almost every food in some way or another.  There are good and bad sugars, so it is important to be aware of what we are eating.


Sucrose or commonly known as table sugar is what we think of when someone asks what is sugar.  Sugar cane is the most common plant used to make table sugar.  Sucrose is very sweet and is used to flavor many foods.


Glucose can be produced from cornstarch.  Glucose is the bodies preferred source of energy. The body transforms most carbohydrates into glucose.


Fructose comes from honey, beets, and sweet fruits.  It is added to sweet colas, and sugar substances.  It is not the preferred sugar source because it converted in the liver and can cause big problems such as insulin resistance and diabetes.


Galactose is in beets and milk products. The sugars produced are less sweet than other sugars and is considered a good type of sugar.


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